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Blockchain App Maker

ERC20, Polygon, BSC, Fantom

  • Generate and Deploy tokens right from your browser, including Mintable, Burnable, Unlimited, Advanced and Cappable tokens.

  • Deploying a token to Polygon/BSC/Ethereum Chain is easier than you might think.

  • Build smart contract without coding

  • Whitelabel 100% your ownership

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Network supported

Mint ERC20, BEP20 tokens & NFT's on the blockchain, right now, for free/premium.

Create Tokens

We value your time and effort, so Coincode is easy-to-use and understandable. All you need to do is to set up a token name and supply, after this, your BEP20 or ERC20 is on the way.

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Easy Management

We understand what you need and that is why we help not only with token creation process but distribution as well.

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List Your Token

We have added all the tools that can help you spread the word about your token. Customize your token easily list on Pancakeswap or Uniswap Exchange.



Your Mind in a Snap

solidity smart contract

One-Click Smart Contract Creation for Everyone

    You can create BEP20, ERC20 tokens with auto token generation service. BEP20, ERC20 is the most common technical standard for Ethereum-based smart contracts.

    Once a token is released, the smart contract is immutable. This is why we carefully check all the parameters and functions and specify them in the code.

    Also you can make tokensale as presale by one click. .

1. Name your token

Try different names for your token in the field below and see how your currency would look on the main solidity services.

2. Set up the supply

You should specify the amount of tokens that will be issued. The number can be driven by the loyalty programme rules, such as the number of customers or token volume that will be used as a reward.

3. Deploy a contract

Just click "deploy". Once you have created a token, your contract will be published at all the block explorers and will be available at Bscscan/Etherscan/Polygonscan.


How Create a crypto token?

CoinCode run on a blockchain network in a public, open-source, decentralized environment and are free from control and interference by any single authority. For example, a Owner's projects can create a Tokens and put it on a blockchain where any user can contribute or etc .

See How Make a Token
  • Instant Deploy

  • Owner Access Token

  • Verified Smart-contract

Stories From Success Tokens

Explore some of the biggest ICO events in history

Why business/idea make token?

A token is a digital asset that represents a unit of value or a right to access a particular service or good. Tokens can be used to:

Raise funds

Tokens can be sold to investors in exchange for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. This can be a way for businesses to raise capital without giving up equity.

Reward users

Tokens can be used to reward users for participating in a network, such as by providing data or completing tasks. This can help to incentivize user engagement & loyalty.

Access new markets

Tokens can be used to access new markets, such as developing countries where traditional financial infrastructure is limited.

Got Questions? Look Here

What is the purpose of ERC20 tokens?

ERC20 tokens are a type of value that represents an asset or specific use and reside on their own blockchain. Tokens can be used for investment purposes, to store value, or to make purchases.

Can I create my own token?

Yes - You can either use established code to create tokens yourself or try to use a coin creation service like

What's the difference between Fixed, Capped and Unlimited Supply?
  • Fixed Supply
    The entire token supply will be generated during deploy and sent to Token Owner wallet. You can't increase or reduce supply later.

    Capped Supply
    You can define an initial supply to sent to Token Owner's wallet. You can increase or reduce supply later by minting or burning tokens (if allowed). You won't be able to generate more tokens than the defined supply cap.

    Unlimited Supply
    You can define an initial supply to sent to Token Owner's wallet. You can increase or reduce supply later by minting or burning tokens (if allowed). You will be able to generate unlimited tokens without an upper limit.

What's the difference between None, Ownable and Role Based Access?

Your Token doesn't need an access type because of there are not actions that needs privileges.

Your Token will have an Owner. The account you use to deploy your Token will be owner by default and will be able to mint new tokens or call the finish minting function. You can transfer token ownership to addresses or Smart Contract.

Role Based
Your Token will have Roles. Accounts with "MINTER" role will be able to mint new tokens. Accounts with "ADMIN" role will be able to add or remove roles to minters or other admins. The account you use to deploy your Token will be ADMIN and MINTER by default. In addition your Token will have the Ownable behaviour too.

Who will be Token Owner?

Once your Token will be deployed you (your MetaMask address) will be the only owner.

How to mint new tokens?

    To generate new tokens you must use the "mint" function using token owner wallet. You can doing this by using the Contract/Write tab on your BscScan token page.

Simple And Flexible Package

No credit card required. Your own access

First-mover advantage
ETH 0 .05 / starting from

Etereum main-net

  • Security strong track record of security

  • Interoperability easily transferred between different networks

  • Scalability increase its transaction throughput

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Binance Smart Chain
BNB 0 .10 / starting from

Binance smart chain main-net

  • Cheap transactions faster and at a lower cost

  • Large user base reach a broad audience

  • Centralized governance decisions & implement updates more quickly

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Best Price
MATIC 10 / starting from

Polygon main-net

  • Layer-2 solution interoperable with Ethereum

  • Scalability faster and at a lower cost than Ethereum network

  • Flexibility wide variety of token standards

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Best network for creating a token will depend on specific needs of your project. If you need a secure and well-established platform, Ethereum is a good choice. If you need fast and cheap transactions, BSC is a good choice. And if you need a scalable and flexible platform, Polygon is a good choice.

Empower Your Business with Custom-Tailored Tokens